Last Updated on February 29, 2018

My family would answer a resounding “Yes!”. We bought a Garmin Alpha 100 for each of our two dogs when making a cross country trip with them. Late in our journey, our 75 lb male Australian labradoodle took off after a herd of deer through unfamiliar territory on the border of National parkland at dusk. We used this collar to find him. It took us almost 2 hours of tracking, but we did find him wandering and clearly lost. The collar for us was worth every penny.

Yes but you have to manually shock them. The shock is not automatic when they leave the geofence or radius. I rarely have to use the shock as my dog usually responds to the tone/vibration immediately.

I would suggest going with the TT-15mini collar, these are made for smaller dogs and would work better for your Jack Russell. If you are not worried about the shocking option I would suggest that you go with the 320 astro with the TT-5mini collar or if you just need the shocking and not the tracking, then the Pro 70 unit will work better.

maps can downloaded for your  hunting area

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